INDL-2 Conference: Robotize This! (Toronto, October 3rd, 2019)

Robotize this! The futures of automation and work   International Conference, Thursday October 3rd, 9AM to 6PM McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology 39A Queens Park Crescent East, University of Toronto   Are robots coming for our jobs? The current resurgence of anxiety around automation seems to suggest they are. But other symptoms point out […]

INDL-2 – Graduate Colloquium on Digital Labour

Call for Submissions – University of Toronto, October 3, 2019 The International Network on Digital Labour is an association of scholars working on the different aspects of the relation between work and digital technology. In its desire to integrate young scholars and foster collaborations with senior members, the network has launched a first series of […]

INDL-1 Doctoral Colloquium 2019

Call for Submissions – Paris, France, 13-14 June The International Network on Digital Labour is an association of scholars from a variety of backgrounds working on the different areas related to digital labour. In its desire to integrate young scholars, and to foster collaborations between them and senior members, the network launches its first series of Doctoral […]

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