INDL-2 – Graduate Colloquium on Digital Labour

Call for Submissions – University of Toronto, October 3, 2019

The International Network on Digital Labour is an association of scholars working on the different aspects of the relation between work and digital technology. In its desire to integrate young scholars and foster collaborations with senior members, the network has launched a first series of graduate colloquia to take place during its 2019 events. The 1st INDL colloquium was part of the conference “Microwork platforms” that we organized in Paris in June. This second call for participants aims to select papers to be presented during a workshop on “Robots and Labour” that will take place at the University of Toronto on October 3rd.

The colloquium will welcome all graduate students (master’s & PhD) in different stages of their research who work on the many aspects of computer-mediated work, platform economies, online value production, automation, robotics, and tech-enabled outsourcing. It aims to give junior researchers the chance to interact with other scholars working in similar areas of interest, and discuss their current projects, methodological issues and receive advice on the thesis writing process and career prospects. Please note that, while the registration to the colloquium is free, the network cannot provide funding for travel or accommodation in Toronto.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics:

  • labour and robotics
  • the gig economy
  • work in the sharing economy
  • the gendered and racialized nature of digital labour
  • technology and precarious labour
  • automation and labour
  • platform capitalism
  • freelancing
  • data as labour
  • social media and labour
  • online content creation
  • playbour
  • platform co-operativism
  • technology and the commons
  • cultures of digital work

Participation in the colloquium is limited. Interested applicants should prepare a two-page summary of their current project that indicate their research context, hypotheses or research questions, methods, issues, progress to date and a brief statement indicating their interest in the colloquium. These documents should be addressed to

Key dates:

  • Deadline for submission: July 19, 2019
  • Acceptance notification: From July 28, 2019
  • Colloquium: October 3, 2019
INDL-2 – Graduate Colloquium on Digital Labour

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