Sarah Abdelnour

  • Sociologist of work at Paris Dauphine University
  • PI of the CAPLA research project on platform capitalism.
  • Studies platforms as subcontracting devices, and their effects on employment.

Camille Alloing (@CaddeReputation)

Sébastien Broca

Adam Badger (@AdamBadger1)

  • PhD Student at Royal Holloway, University of London (Geography and Management)
  • Studies the lived experiences of work in the gig-economy
  • Also exploring methodological approaches to the contemporary workplace

Antonio Casilli

  • Sociologist at Telecom ParisTech
  • Studies social conflict and digital rights
  • Has published two books providing an overview (in French) of the field of digital labour.

Alessandro Delfanti

  • Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto
  • Currently researching work in e-commerce warehouses

Marie-Anne Dujarier

Alessandro Gandini (@afrontiercity)

  • Sociologist at King's College London
  • Lecturer in Digital Media Management and Innovation

Mark Graham (@geoplace)

  • Economic geographer at the Oxford Internet Institute.
  • Studies the gig economy in the Global South
  • Writes about global networks of solidarity, competition and collaboration between workers

Karen Gregory (@claudiakincaid)

  • Sociologist at the University of Edinburgh, where she teaches and researches digital sociology.
  • Studies emotional labor and entrepreneurialism.
  • Research on forms of solidarity in the ‘sharing economy’

Ursula Huws (@COSTIS1202)

Kylie Jarrett (@kylzjarrett)


Ulrich Laitenberger

Economist at Telecom ParisTech

Johan Lindquist

Department of Social Anthropology, University of Stockholm

Phoebe Moore

Yann Moulier-Boutang (@boutangyann)

  • Professor of Economics at the University of Technology of Compiègne
  • Major contribution to the notion of cognitive capitalism, in particular as related to artificial intelligence and human labour
  • Interested in conflict, regulation, and the slavery-to-wage transition.
  • Current work to detect emergence of questions and topics in Reddit

Gina Neff (@ginasue)

Julian Posada (@JulianPosada0)

  • PhD Student at the University of Toronto
  • Junior fellow of Massey College
  • Research on Platformization, the Gig-Economy, Digital Labour, and Social Networks

Jen Schradie (@schradie)

Nikos Smyrnaios (@smykos)

Paola Tubaro (@ptubaro)

Niels van Doorn

  • Assistant Professor of New Media & Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam
  • PI of the ERC-funded research project Platform Labor: Digital Transformations of Work & Livelihood

Patricia Vendramin

Jamie Woodcock (@jamie_woodcock)

  • Sociologist, currently at the OII's Fairwork Foundation, Oxford
  • Ethnography research on practices of resistance
  • Published a book on work in call centers, and is currently researching workers’ activism at Deliveroo and Twitch

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