INDL, the International Network on Digital Labour, is a new initiative funded by the French CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and the University of Toronto. By leveraging the experience of the vibrant ENDL communities that are already moving forward the field of research touching on digital labour, INDL aims to demonstrate the added value of global-level collaboration.

Two INDL conferences will take place in Paris and Toronto between Spring and Winter 2019. They will explore the linkages between work, algorithmic governance, and automation, and corporate culture in the platform economy. For maximum impact, they will involve different stakeholders including researchers, students, union leaders and policymakers.

INDL activities involve graduate students and junior researchers. Two doctoral colloquia will allow them to present their research on topics related to digital labour and to receive feedback their peers and senior researchers.

This cooperation project will lay the groundwork for a sounder and continuative cooperation inside and outside of academia in Europe and in North America, notably by establishing a steering committee, defining research axes, and listing funding opportunities. INDL works collaboratively to organize international conferences and seminars, submit research projects, and potentially facilitate joint student mentoring and Ph.D. supervisions.

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